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PHP Web Hosting

PHP Web Hosting

The internet is filled with millions of domain names. These domain names serve as a storehouse for contents of different information. For many businesses, a domain is an electronic way for them to sell their product and services to prospective customers. In building a website, a domain name is chosen and a web hosting plan is used to develop the website.

What is PHP Web Hosting?

For experienced programmers and site developers, PHP web hosting is not a new term in the book. For the sake of beginners to PHP hosting, we decided to start out from the basics and work our way to the top. In the simplest of terms, PHP web hosting is a scripting language designed to help site developers produce dynamic web pages. By dynamic, we mean pages that constantly refresh themselves. Two good examples of dynamic pages would be login pages and shopping cart.

It functions by embedding the PHP code into the html source of any website. When the code is run, it is done on the web hosting server rather than on the browser. For this reason, if you ever look at the source code of a PHP web page, you will see only plain HTML codes. One of the greatest things about PHP is that they are universally accepted as a scripting language. Many of the world’s popular websites are written in PHP – examples include Facebook and Wikipedia. Websites created with PHP are compatible with mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone.

As a universally accepted scripting language, PHP is used to write many of the most popular open content management software like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. The reason these open content management software are chosen by developers is because they offer flexibility. With features which include plugins and themes, developers are able to customize and change their codes as they deem fit.

Getting started with PHP

To begin working with PHP, you have to make sure that your server is fully configured and activated for PHP. You should also make sure that all files ending with PHP are handled by PHP. Usually all PHP handled servers, file extensions are .php default. To be sure, you can confirm from your administrator. If your server is already designed for PHP, you need not concern yourself with compilation of anything or trying to install any tools. Simple create your .php files and place them in the web directory; automatically, you will have your files parsed for you.

Choosing a Web Host

When starting out a website project, one of the foremost things to consider will be choosing a reliable web host option. The essence of web hosting is to find a place to put your website in the World Wide Web. The web host provider you choose to use for your website will be the one to provide you with this “place” as rightly mentioned. The web host provider incorporates the traffic to your website, where files will be stored (and the size), firewall Protection, email services, FTP access, domain name registration (optional), and many other features. Because of the importance of a web host to your website, choosing the perfect provider becomes paramount.

The cost of web hosting

If you have spent a lot of time on the internet, you would probably have come across a lot of ads for free web hosting. No doubt the day you require to develop your website, the thought of obtaining a free web host will cross your mind. You need not feel ashamed or anything because most developers used free web hosting services for their first websites (this is a fact!). Once you get started with these free web host providers, you will soon discover that they publish free or cheap ads on your web pages and usually offer no technical assistance. Sometimes, free web hosting may not be the way to go especially if you are new to the business – technical assistance will go a long way in helping you. To save money, you may also search for a hosting discount just like the Bluehost coupon code which can reduce your cost.

Hosting features

Every passing year, the features of web hosting grow astronomically. You should be able to take advantage of the latest benefits as at when due. For instance, the web space being offered by web host providers this year is far greater than what was applicable some three years ago. Other features to consider will be the bandwidth, PHP limits, etc. Today’s web hosting providers support auto responders, email forwarders, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and so on.

If you would like to have someone help maintain your site, one feature you will need to look out for will be the control panel. The control panel allows you or the person you put in charge had control over the content material of the website. Nothing is more intriguing than being in absolute control!

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